Thursday 2/25

If you ready yesterday's post, you now know what The Open is. So how does it work? A workout is announced every Thursday for 5 weeks starting today at 5pm. Official participants are given until the following Monday at 5pm to complete the workout and enter their score online at (where you signed up). You enter your own score, the gym doesn't/can't enter it for you. At Acuo, we will make Friday's WOD the Open workout all day. If you are a registered participant, you need a judge to watch you do the workout one-on-one and score your workout. Keep this in mind as there is only one coach per class and many participants. This means you'll need to find someone to judge your workout. Fridays at 6pm we're hosting Friday Night Lights which is a fun time to all hangout and do the Open workout and/or enjoy some food and social time. Tune in to at 5pm to watch the workout get announced live followed by a couple Games athletes doing the workout right away!

Complete the following for time:
800m Run
1,000m Row
50 Calorie airbike
400m Run
500m Row
25 Caloire airbike