Thursday 12/10

Find your 1 rep max Front Squat. 

Why do we test 1 rep maxes?
That's a loaded question but we'll try to keep it simple. Strength training for maximum load at low repetitions triggers muscle growth via the central nervous system; this is an essential stimulus. It also creates neurological adaptations that only come with testing the limits of your physical strength. Beyond the physical stimuli, we also use it as a benchmark for progress in our cycles, a gauge for your state of strength at a given time (useful in the case of someone who recently took time off), and as a motivational tool for those who hit new personal records (PR).

One caveat to keep in mind is that any time you see "1 rep max" on the white board, it means your best lift for that day. Sometimes it is a PR, other times is not even close to your most recent best effort. If the latter is you, stay positive as it is only one day and we must remember the big picture of your training over the year. Often when you don't see improvement in one area, you are improving in a different area.

So with that said, let's move some weight!