Setting goals worth achieving

A look at setting goals and what it takes to achieve them
by Steve Johnson

I believe in goals so audacious, they scare you. Those are the best kind. Look like Fat Albert and want to play like Lebron James? Awesome! Your fitness level is akin to Winnie the Pooh and you want to be Rich Froning? Great! Whether you achieve your goal or not, the journey itself produces unimaginable results that change you forever. So whatever it is, dream big.

The next step is to put in the work. How much work? More work than you have ever done in your life. How do I know that? Because you're not Lebron or Rich; what you'll need to do you've never done before. Ask any successful person what made them successful and they’ll all have one thing in common, hard work. More practically, this refers to more than just working hard; it means making sacrifices and staying dedicated when others typically give up.

The amount of discipline and sacrifice required to achieve a big goal often goes unseen. Your goal will need to become the priority around which you organize the rest of your life. If that's not something you're comfortable with, then dream of something else. This type of commitment doesn't mean you can't have a fulfilling life outside the subject matter of your goal. It means, though, that the work required to achieve your goal will permeate into every area of your life.

Things that are hard to do, that seem implausible, take a long time to achieve. I didn't gain 100 pounds overnight so I wasn't going to lose it overnight. If I waited for the exact right time, I'd still be waiting, and I'd still be more than 300 pounds. My advice to you is to start now. The circumstances may not be ideal; you may not have a perfect plan laid out; just start working. As you go, you’ll learn when and what to tweak to create the ideal circumstances to achieve your goal, to keep yourself motivated, and to overcome setbacks. Don’t stop until you get where you want.

So go ahead, dream big. If you dare to dream big, dare to do what you've never done before. The journey will be full of setbacks, tears, pain, heartache and so much more; this is usually true of the best things in life. But it is also filled with moments of triumph, and ultimately, satisfaction. Know what you want and get it done. As Bo Jackson said, “Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there.”