Coaching at Acuo CrossFit

What coaching means to us
by Dan Lao

There are really only three criteria that we want to meet in looking for coaches to bring onto our team at Acuo CrossFit. 
A passion for people.  This is a no-brainer. Strength and speed are lesser qualifications to enjoying people and having a desire to help them. We want to know that every coach in our gym has a genuine concern for the personal welfare of the people in our classes.
Competence.  The bottom line here is that we want every coach in our gym to be someone we would want to coach ourselves. This includes understanding how to teach, cue, and scale.
Fit.  Simple, but important—they need to believe in our mission, guiding philosophies, and approach to CrossFit. By all means, they will have their own style and approach to coaching and controlling a class. We actually encourage this since everyone responds differently to different coaching and cues.

This is why we want to formally introduce you to Aubrie Beard. She joined our gym this summer and has begun preparing to coach in the near future. Aubrie has been involved in CrossFit for over 6 years including 2 years of weightlifting-specific training with a top-ranked coach out of Montana. She has competed at CrossFit Regionals and other  local competitions. Most importantly, she has a passion for seeing people better themselves. Aubrie brings a wealth of experience and passion to our gym and we are very excited to have her join our team!